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Cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies

2.1. The Service may use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies to store information. These files are used to facilitate the use of the website and its applications, to improve the quality of the Service (including security), as well as for advertising purposes.

2.2. Any information received by the Service from the User, as well as the placement of cookies on the User's browser, is carried out through notification and with the consent of the User. By continuing to use the Service, the User gives his permission to the Service to store cookies on the User's browser.

2.3. The Service uses cookies and similar technologies that remain on the User's device during the User's browser activity and cookies, as well as other similar technologies that remain on the User's device for a longer period. The User has the right to block, delete or disable such cookies and similar technologies, if the User's device allows it.

2.3.1. Cookies - in computer terminology, a concept used to describe information in the form of text or binary data received from the Service, which is stored by the User, that is, on the browser, and then sent to the Service if the User of the Service revisits it. Thus, the Service marks the User's browser when visiting. Cookies make it easier to use the Service by recording data necessary for logging in and collecting statistics. Cookies do not contain personal data.

2.3.2. Web beacons are small graphic images (also known as "dot markers" or "web beacons") that may be enabled on the Service and its services, applications, messaging, and tools that usually work in conjunction with cookies, to identify the user.

2.3.3. Such technologies are technologies that store information in a browser or device using local shared objects or local storage, such as "flash cookies", "HTML 5 cookies", and other web application software methods. These technologies may work in all of the User's browsers, and in some cases may not be completely browser-controlled and may require control directly through the applications or devices installed by the User.

2.4. The administration takes all security measures to prevent unauthorized access to cookies and similar technologies. The user undertakes to take similar security measures. The Administration guarantees that only the Administration and/or authorized service providers of the Service have access to these cookies.

2.5. Service providers of the Service are companies that help with various aspects of the Service. The Administration uses some authorized service providers to provide the User with the relevant services of the Service, as well as other purposes directly related to the activities of the Service. Such service providers may also place cookies on the User's device through the services of the Service (third-party cookies). They may also collect other information, such as an IP address or other identifiers.

2.6. Any information that the Service collects and stores through the use of the technologies indicated above is used with the consent of the User.

2.7. The user can manage cookies in the browser or device settings. To refuse the collection and storage of information, you must check the box in the "Do not save cookies" item in the browser settings, and also click on the "Clear cookies" button.

2.8. Technical information contained in the system, for example, ip-addresses, is used by the Service to maintain network equipment, as well as to summarize statistical and other information.

2.9. The Service saves the data of the User's last access to the system in order to ensure the high quality of the services provided, adapted to the individual needs and interests of the User.

3. Changes to the privacy policy

3.1. The Administration may amend, delete or update the rules of the Privacy Policy.

3.2. If the User does not agree with the changes made, he is obliged to stop using the Service. If the User continues to use the Service, he agrees and accepts all changes and the new version of the Privacy Policy as a whole.

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